August 14, 2008

How I Use Socialmedian

Once I immersed myself in the ocean, I decided to go for socialmedian, too. My initial reaction is this: I don't like being scattered. I've committed to Delicious. I've been drinking the friendfeed kool-aid because I like the way it facilitates conversations. If a link is worth saving, I'm going to save it to Delicious. Thus, I see no point in "clipping" something on socialmedian. I click through to the actual link, evaluate the information, and bookmark it on Delicious if it's worthy. But I still use socialmedian to find stuff, and mostly, to watch the progression of yet another service.

Diving in a Little Deeper

Although I diligently added the social media and tech a-listers on Twitter, I oh-so-quickly became disillusioned with it. The lack of threading just made it downright annoying.

OTOH, once I used a few a-listers as a jumping off point (not blindly adding people, but rather stopping to evaluate their blogs, friendfeed posts, comments, and "likes") on friendfeed I oh-so-quickly became addicted to it.