July 28, 2008

Getting My Feet Wet

The great experiment began on July 28th, 2008. I joined Twitter and Friendfeed.

Although I wouldn't call myself a noob (just last night I found myself quite articulately explaining 2.0 to someone who actually thought it was a new infrastructure for the web), I don't exactly stand with the giants, either.

I've had a Blogger account since 2002 (BGA - before Google acquisition).
I've had a Delicious account since July, 2004
I've had a YouTube account since April, 2006

But this microblogging and lifestreaming stuff is new to me. At first, I thought Twitter was just for, well, Twitter Whores.

I decided as long as I was dipping my toes in, I might as well check out this friendfeed thing too.